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Welcome to all of you, probably fans of Ion Davidov!

First, I'm a French Canadian, so excuse my english!

Here's the page I made for my porn idol, Ion Davidov. There are other porn stars that I like a lot, but He's the one making my dreams!

In fact, you can see it's the only website made for Ion Davidov! I've search on the net, and there, no other!

So here's a little bit you would like to know about this page. You will find :
* More than a hundred pictures (Notes : The pictures here are taken from various websites on the Internet since 2001 (by myself), and some are not good quality ones... Please, help me if you have some with better quality or if you have some that are not shown on this page!);
* Videos and trailers of movies in which Ion Davidov is among the casting;
* Polls to answer about you and what you like in Ion Davidov, and...
* Some other random things we all like to watch and know!

I hope to make this Fan Page one of the most complete website about Ion Davidov of the Internet! If you can help me to build this, I won't reject you at all!!

So... That's it, have good times in here!!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Awards & Nominations

During his career, Ion Davidov has unfortunately not received any awards for his work. But some films in which he played have received their deserved success in certain ceremonies. Here is a list of the awards :

- 1995 - Dickie Awards : International Video - For : ''The Vampire Of Budapest''.
- 1995 - Hard Choice Awards : Best Director - For : George Duroy, with the Falcon International series, in which Ion Davidov made some appearences.
- 1996 - Grabby Awards : Best International Video - For : ''The Vampire Of Budapest''.
- 1996 - Dickie Awards : Cum Shot - For : Lukas Ridgeston in ''Lukas' Story 3''.
- 1996 - Dickie Awards : International Video - For : ''Lukas' Story 3''.
- 1998 - GayVN Awards : Best Selling Tape Of The Year - For : ''An American In Prague''.
- 2000 - GayVN Awards : Best Foreign Release - For : ''Lucky Lukas''.

Notes : The Dickie Awards' official title was The Gay Erotic Video Awards; The Grabby Awards' other title is The Adult Erotic Gay Video Awards; The Hard Choice Awards are presented by XX Factor.com.

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